Welcome to my website! Let me briefly introduce myself:

I am a retired Biblical Studies and Theology professor, having taught in France, Belgium and the US for many decades. As a Jewish secular humanist and Holocaust survivor from Czechoslovakia, my native country, my major interests lie in Jewish-Christian dialogue and human rights across the globe. I advocate for the latter by sharing my life experiences in middle and high schools, universities, churches, synagogues and other educational venues on invitation.

What you can expect from this website is occasional sharing of my thoughts in the above areas of interest, especially as these interface with current events. Leave with me, in turn, your reactions and insights. Thanks.

You may also be interested in one or all three of my books, The Teaching of Disdain, available as an e-book through Amazon; The Birth of Christianity from the Matrix of Judaism and Confronting the Silence: A Holocaust Survivor’s Search for God, all available at Amazon or through your local bookstore.

It is my hope this website and the resulting dialogue will make a positive contribution to furthering mutual respect and understanding for all concerned.

And, oh, I almost forgot! I live with my best friend and wife Gail in Weaverville, North Carolina, a lovely little town in Appalachia.

Thanks for your visit and best wishes!